Manbir & Harsharn

Congratulations Manbir & Harsharn on your beautiful wedding!
  • Client: Manbir & Harsharn

  • Venue: Platinum Suite

  • Caterer: Johal

  • Décor & Theming: Krystal

  • Lighting & Production: Krystal

  • Entertainment: Kikli Roadshow

Manbir wanted a wedding that was subtle, elegant and timeless. I can say her wedding was all that and much more.  She moved away from the traditions, and rather than having the DJ as centre stage we made the Bride and Groom the main focus. After all it was their wedding!

The venue was beautifully decorated with blush tones, the most popular colour trend of 2017. The head table was the focal point with the LED screen as the backdrop with movement to the image.  The head table was adorned with lavish white floral drapes and trees.  The thick floral trail on the head table added to the elegance of the event.

The lush floral centrepieces in a white colour palette throughout the venue complemented the lighted created by our in-house AV team. We created custom seamless curved tables with mirrored edges, it was indeed a grand statement!

Family and friends came from far and wide to attend this great occasion and they were not disappointed.

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